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Welcome to our past!

We are the North Lee County Historical Society in Fort Madison, Iowa. 

We are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit. We operate on your donations and memberships. Please become a member. Thank you!

Historic Santa Fe Steam Locomotive to be cleaned and painted.

E. I. DuPont Grant to Old Fort Battlefield Fund

Thanks to the E. I. DuPont Community Fund grant, the battlefield fund has grown by $6,250.00 which brings the total raised so far to $11,050 to restore the War of 1812 Battlefield site into the memorial park to honor the 23 plus soldiers that gave their lives defending our country. We are so grateful.

We are now over half way towards our $20,000 goal. People working on the Friends of Old Fort Madison committee can start contacting contractors to assist in removing the blacktop, gravel, etc. and hauling in dirt to give a good base for the beautiful memorial park. 

This years fundraising is only a start before we start planning the memorials, walkways, benches, interpretive signs and perhaps, in the future, an interpretive center where we can tell stories about, and display artifacts from the 1808-1813 Fort to visitors.

Thanks again to the staff at the local DuPont Plant for their work in applying for the grant to this 501C3 Non-Profit group of volunteers! We hope DuPont's example will inspire others in our business community to lend their financial and/or in-kind support to this worthy project.

Phase Two Fundraising Continues

"Friends of Old Fort Madison" committee announces ambitious fundraising goal. Our "phase one" goal was reached successfully. On to "phase two." The fund raising efforts gear up again. For more information, contact the museum.

NLCHS has special funds set up for Brush College, the Old Lee County Jail, Old Fort Madison, the NLCHS museum, and the steam locomotive in Riverview park. If you want to specify where your donation goes - you are able to do so.

 Volunteers are welcome!


Brush College: Built in about 1877. It is a one room schoolhouse located a short drive north of Fort Madison. We are currently getting the roof repaired so donations to this fund are even more important. If you wish to visit Brush College please call us ahead of time so we can have one of our volunteers be there for you. The schoolhouse is still ready and waiting for students of all ages with desks for all.

Old Lee County Jail: Built in 1867 is the oldest existing jail in Iowa. It is located next to the Lee County Court House in Fort Madison. Again, if you wish to tour this interesting old stone structure please call us ahead of time for a volunteer and your own bunk in a cell. 

Santa Fe Railway 2913: The big and FAST steam locomotive sits in Riverview Park near the entrance. While the city owns the 2913 we have the honor of showing her off to the public. She worked hard for 11 years on the mainline of the Santa Fe Railway from Fort Madison to Los Angeles, California. We have a fund established to help us maintain the 2913 for the city.

Santa Fe caboose: The Santa Fe Railway caboose 999235 served on the mainline on fast freights like the Super C, as well as it's last assignment working as the West Local "Waycar" out of Fort Madison. The Waycar 235 has now been elevated along with the depot complex above the flood level.  

We want to thank those that are able to give their time and money so that we can remain open to all regardless of ability to pay. All are welcome! If you have a special interest and want to volunteer your time and share your experience we need your help.

Looking for that unique gift or souvenir from our area? Don't forget our gift shop! We have a variety of postcards and other souvenirs. 





Meetings: Are held on the 2nd Tuesday each month and are open to the public.



If you would like more information or to become a volunteer, you may stop at the museum or Contact Us.

NLCHS is now on Facebook.

Most of our photos, notes, and interactivity have been on Facebook as of late. Click on the link above or search for North Lee County Historical Society on Facebook. Visit us there, and if you "like" our page, you can follow our updates.


NLCHS Pizza Hut Fundraiser

On the first Friday of each month, NLCHS and Pizza Hut have teamed up to provide a fund raiser for NLCHS. From 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., bring this ticket to present to your server and NLCHS will receive 10% of the bearer's purchase. It also works with delivery and carryout orders, but you must have a ticket.


Exhibits of Special Interest

Santa Fe Railway

Railroad Lantern Display

Civil War

Early Fort Madison & Lee County History

Iowa State Penitentiary

Sheaffer Pens

Pioneer Farm Equipment

Silsby Fire Engine

Ice Harvesting Display

Iowa & Fort Madison Jaycee History

Gift Shop

Brush College, one room school house open for tours by appointment.


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